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We offer technology driven end to end solutions in realizing Opportunities and mitigating Risks in Oil & Gas industry.

Opportunities & Risk Management

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Training & Management of Local Industry

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Business Consulting & Data Management

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About Ogins

Current scenario in hydrocarbon industry has tremendous compulsion to optimize the way the assets are built & managed. There is pressure on the operators to step up the performance, however with long cycle time for building or replacing assets, newer skills, smarter systems and lean management are the need of the hour. 

Our Value Proposition

By adopting a comprehensive competency development plan,
Decision making at each level becomes proactive and transparent

Design & Construction

Based on our in-depth life-cycle experience in the entire value chain, we are in a position to identify the option to give best results in terms of asset availability, performance and cost per barrel equivalent of hydrocarbon. This helps us eliminate risks in the assets before they are built.


Every reservoir has its own unique surprises. Asset is supported with a well designed Operating Systems which flag anomalies at early stages, thus consequences of surprises are minimized.


Lateral expertise in performance of assets helps in planning and managing the maintenance management program, thus availability is aligned with production targets.


Exhaustive knowledge of asset risks is used as the basis to design the redundancy in equipment and operate accordingly. Supported by a robust Asset Data Management program, risks are captured early and thus, assets are utilized with maximum utilization and minimum surprises.

OGINS An Integrated Infrastructure Service Provider